The best type of advertising is Word of Mouth. Here is what people are saying about LoSo:

Marvin Moncada, PhD CFS LSU Food Incubator Food Scientist:

“ I did my thesis on sodium. LoSo is the Greatest product I have come across, which actually helps reduce daily sodium intake. “

Vanessa Richard, RD Ochsner Eat Fit Program:

“We are excited to share LoSo‘s line of products with our community as a local, better-for-you seasoning option. It has a great, well-rounded flavor, .which can enhance any dish, while keeping daily sodium intake in check. We want to help promote LoSo to impact healthier eating and healthier lives!”

Jeanine Lathem, Dietitian Jefferson , La:

LoSo is delicious and helps drastically reduce daily sodium intake while enhancing the flavor of food. LoSo is amazing!“

Dr. Carl Luikart, MD Cardiologist Baton Rouge La:

“After surgery when making my daily calls, every patient complains about on thing… hospital food. LoSo can help enhance the flavor of bland hospital food while addressing sodium concerns. It’s timely and absolutely delicious!”

Dr. Wes Porta, MD Urologist Baton Rouge, La:

“ It’s hard to believe that LoSo is low sodium when you taste it. LoSo delivers the salt taste I seek but also delivers full flavor.”

Alyse Bagley, RD The Healthy School Food Collaborative:

“We strive to provide healthy, tasteful meals to our students, but it has been difficult until now. LoSo is a viable, delicious alternative to bland or less flavorful foods. If it’s not flavorful I kids won’t eat it! LoSo uniquely enhances flavors and provides the salty taste that so many crave.”

Dickie Brennan, renowned New Orleans restaurateur,:LoSo is really more of a flavor enhancer, not just a low sodium remedy.”

Eat Fit of Ochsner partnered with LoSo to certify it as their only seasoning partner due to LoSo’s flavor and nutritional value .

We could add thousands of testimonials. The proof is in the tasting! LoSo is unique and revolutionary. There is nothing in the market which delivers LoSo’s robust salt taste with only 125mg of sodium. If you crave salt and have a medical condition requiring sodium reduction, you owe it to yourself to try LoSo.