Hospitals, nursing homes, the Military and VA, Meals on Wheels, schools, commissaries, restaurants and cafeterias seek low sodium remedies for the 200 million in the USA who need to reduce their daily sodium intake. Unfortunately, salt alternatives (Mrs. Dash, Morton Salt Free) and salt substitutes (Morton No Salt or Nu Salt) either don’t provide the salt profile sought by those on low sodium diets or have a nasty aftertaste, due to their potassium chloride content.

LoSo, with its distinctive sea salt flavor profile, is the remedy. At only 125mg of sodium per serving, LoSo provides the full-bodied salt flavor, which others do not. With its onion, garlic, celery, black and red pepper and other herbs and spices, LoSo actually is more of a flavor enhancer, as well as a low sodium substitute.

There is nothing like LoSo in retail or foodservice. If you are a distributor and would like to learn more about LoSo please contact for more information and samples. Once you taste LoSo you will see its international potential.

Excessive daily sodium intake is a worldwide issue, plaguing over 2 billion.